Nimmer Legal Graphics
5296 El Carro Lane
Carpinteria, California 93013
Telephone 800-350-0163
Fax 805-566-9171

Graphics   $75 hour plus materials
Video   $125 hour plus materials
Still Photography   $100 hour plus materials

Laurence P. Nimmer, Multi-Media Producer
Laurence has been a producer of multi-media since the late 70's and has received a variety of awards including several Emmy nominations. He began his career as a producer/writer for the San Francisco CBS television affiliate, KPIX-TV. He has since produced music videos for MTV and created a variety of documentaries seen on PBS and other cable outlets. Mr. Nimmer now is a partner in Nimmer Legal Graphics, a full service, multimedia demonstrative evidence company based in Santa Barbara County. Laurence has served as a past board member of the Demonstrative Evidence Specialists Association and lectures from time to time at UCLA Law School and the Southern California Defense Council. Nimmer grew up in the legal community. His father, Professor Melville B. Nimmer, wrote Nimmer on Copyright and his brother David Nimmer now continues work on the treatise. E/mail

Melissa Doyle, Graphic Designer
Since the early 70's, Melissa has worked for design studios in San Francisco (Sidjakov, Berman & Gomez, Landor Associates) and Los Angeles (Bright & Associates) and served as the in-house graphic designer at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Her freelance clients have included Southern California Edison, McGuire Furniture Company, Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority, Law Lectures Institute, the University of California Natural Reserve System and the Land Trust for Santa Barbara County. Melissa is currently a principal partner of Nimmer Legal Graphics, providing full multimedia services to the legal community. E/mail

Partial Client List

Archbald & Spray
Beach, Procter, McCarthy & Slaughter
Bauer, Harris, McEvoy, & Clinkenbeard
Benton, Orr, Duval & Buckingham
Borrell & Borrell
Bright & Powell
Bird, Marella, Boxer, Wolpert & Matz
Borton, Petrini & Conron
Carrington & Nye
City of Carpinteria
Christopher Zajic, Esq.
Collins, Mesereau, Reddock & Yu
County of Santa Barbara, County Counsel
County of Ventura, Public Defender
Ellison, Hinkle & Bayer
Fell, Marking, Abkin & Montgomery
Ferguson, Case, Orr, Paterson
Geragos & Geragos
Glass & Seebode
Grokenberger, Smith & Courtney
Griffith & Thornburgh
H. Roy Jeppson, Esq.
Hardin & Coffin
Harvey R. Wolf, Esq.
Hatch & Parent
Hiepler & Hiepler
Hollister & Brace
Holden & Ghitterman
Irell & Manella
Kinkle, Rodiger & Spriggs
King, MacLeod, Alford & Morey
Lawler, Bonham & Woo
Lowthrop, Richards, et al.
McCarthy & Kroes
Minehan, McFaul & McLinn,
Muegenburg, Norman & Dowler
Mullen & Henzel
Myers, Widders, Gibson et al
Nordman, Cormany, et al.
Norman, Dowler et al
Orrock, Higson & Kurta
Parker & Nelson
Price, Postel & Parma
Robert Brantner, Esq.
Rogers & Sheffield
Reicker, Clough, Pfau & Pyle
Rose, Klein & Marias
Sanger & Swysen
Schurmer & Drane
Shotwell & Associates
Spray, Gould & Bowers
Smith, Tardiff & Hayes
Snyder, Strozier, Maho & Tomlinson
Strook,  Strook & Lavan
Tharpe & Howell
Thomas T. Anderson, Esq.
Wasserman, Comden & Casselman
Weil, Gotshal & Manges
William G. Hayes, Esq.
Wyman & Isaacs